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Take Off Your Lamp Shade and Shine

I do not possess the enviable restraint that the women at Together We Bake have when it comes to tasting cookie dough. (In fact, I happen to be writing this in between baking batches of my favorite holiday molasses spice cookies.) But I do possess an appreciation for the light, and wellness, that Together We Bake is bringing to our community and other areas of the nation it has touched. It is easy to see that this light intensifies when the women are together, and provides a worthwhile lesson for all of us: unspoken bonds of support take time to form, but when they do, we can be as family, and be in this life together.

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Better Together Starts With You™

Challenge yourself to be an agent of change for wellness – for yourself, your neighbors, your loved ones, your city and beyond.  Be part of a global effort to be better together.  If you can do this, you are willing to place a higher value on the work it takes to pay attention to your body, practice acceptance of its limitations, and extend affection toward yourself and others than you do on plunging head first into burnout.

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