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Which of Your Brains is Leading You?

Good news – your body can heal and thrive, if given the chance.  What would it take to empower yourself with decisions that actually give your body the chance to be its best?  I recommend these three simple tips as a starting point to become more aware of your mind-body connection (whether you practice yoga, or the thought of yoga makes you sweat!).

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Turn Your March Madness Into Joy

Many of us are accustomed to a rugged variety of going it alone when it comes to healthy changes, a white-knuckled grip on a new routine, and becoming “better” (or even being “good”) – a lot of pressure, either way! When we say that “better together starts with you,” what we mean is that real change, especially when it comes to wellness, has to start within. We also mean that when it starts, what makes it resonant is harnessing it to community.

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