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Better Together is a Journey Together

On each individual journey, there are many destinations, each of which commences a new leg of the journey – a new trail with its own lessons, struggles, and unexpected beauty. As we mature past our fears, past our striving for perfection, we can be encouraged that mistakes can be followed up with the entrepreneurial maturity to keep going, knowing that we did the best we could at the time. Simply measure your steps according to your unique sense of internal balance and you are certain to keep moving forward.

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Turn Your March Madness Into Joy

Many of us are accustomed to a rugged variety of going it alone when it comes to healthy changes, a white-knuckled grip on a new routine, and becoming “better” (or even being “good”) – a lot of pressure, either way! When we say that “better together starts with you,” what we mean is that real change, especially when it comes to wellness, has to start within. We also mean that when it starts, what makes it resonant is harnessing it to community.

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Take Off Your Lamp Shade and Shine

I do not possess the enviable restraint that the women at Together We Bake have when it comes to tasting cookie dough. (In fact, I happen to be writing this in between baking batches of my favorite holiday molasses spice cookies.) But I do possess an appreciation for the light, and wellness, that Together We Bake is bringing to our community and other areas of the nation it has touched. It is easy to see that this light intensifies when the women are together, and provides a worthwhile lesson for all of us: unspoken bonds of support take time to form, but when they do, we can be as family, and be in this life together.

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