Celebrating Life

Living Well. Living Dreams.


This is the third in a series of posts celebrating Waterstone clients and colleagues from the past ten years.

Five Talents

For twenty years, Five Talents has helped families and communities build a brighter future through its model of education, mentorship, community savings, and business development.  

In 2010, I facilitated development of key messages that would resonate with stakeholders across the globe. Five Talents successfully used the renewed content on its website and in fundraising collateral and has continued to impact small businesses around the world.

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Alexandria Counseling Group

Many of my clients are mental health professionals whose work I love to elevate, as I believe it makes the world a better place. They possess unparalleled levels of humility, self-awareness, and compassion for the people around them.

In 2017, it was an absolute pleasure to work with Fox, Emily, Jen and Adam. As individual practitioners within a group practice, they wanted to identify a shared mission, vision and values that they could invest in as a team. After facilitating this process, the result is a core identity that fuels them as they nurture and equip clients to live out their dreams.

If you seek a therapist for individual or group therapy in the DC metro area, learn more and contact someone at the Alexandria Counseling Group here.