Celebrating Success

Happy Birthday, Waterstone!

There are many things to celebrate in February this year – Groundhog Day (2nd), Superbowl Sunday (3rd), and Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (also on the 2nd).

I think someone on the Internet made that last one up, and while along with Valentine’s Day it competes for my attention, February 2019 marks another special occasion. Following closely on the heels of my second 39th birthday, Waterstone celebrates 10 years of business!

During this time, we have collaborated with almost 60 nonprofits and small businesses as they epitomized Better Together Starts with You.TM  It started with them, and we came alongside to understand their challenges, dig a little deeper for solutions, and roll up our sleeves to get things done.

I say “we,” because it has taken a village. None of us can be all things to all people, especially in business.

I have had the pleasure of working with impressive colleagues in team facilitation, fundraising, blogging, graphic design, website development and photography whose skills far exceed my own.

Our clients have been an array of people who are smart, service-oriented and tenacious, working for change in their own lives and in the communities they serve.

Because I love a celebration, over the next month, we will take a trip down memory lane to highlight some of the best and the brightest that made staying in business worthwhile.

Follow along!

If you feel inspired or have a question, I would love to hear from you. Visit https://waterstoneglobal.com/contact-waterstone/ to email me directly.

Better together starts with you.™ 

We are better together, and it starts with each individual understanding how to be his or her best self in every situation. waterstoneGLOBAL partners with leaders in community development, mental health, integrated wellness, and faith-based initiatives to build the more beautiful world we know is possible. Our vision is everyone, everywhere, living life well.