Better Together is a Journey Together

By Jennifer Weatherly and Sara L. Allen

When it comes to health and wellness, it is easy to fall into the mindset that the best version of our self should feel perfect – that at the end of following a method, practice or approach just so, one can finally say, “I have arrived.”

(Please – write to us if you ever have achieved this state of arrival. We want in on your secret.)

Especially in our improvement-oriented society, we can fall prey to striving for something, and with any pursuit of a better, healthier, more fruitful life, we can be neglectful of processes that lead to true change and wellness from the inside out. As we yearn “to arrive” somewhere else, we miss the beauty of where we are. In an interviewwith Marie Forleo, Danielle Laporte explores the essence of striving, her own endless search for perfection that came as an entrepreneur, as a female, and as someone driven by external approval. When self-improvement turned into self-exhaustion, she reassessed. She realized the “woo” of being better at this or that kept her from dealing with the [rhymes with woo] in her life – the issues beneath the surface that she was afraid to face.

Perhaps she stumbled upon the refreshing, more realistic mindset that recognizes wellness as a continual series of steps and daily choices, a journey best made together in community.

In one such community, the existence of individuals living to age 100 and beyond has astounded researchers in Dan Buettner’s Blue Zones program almost as much as the simplicity of how they do it. For what is most compelling is not necessarily the ideal of reaching age 100, but the potential to be as healthy and grounded as possible during however many days we are given here on earth. These individuals are tied to a community and greater purpose. They remember to enjoy life itself!

Do you live each day as the new single best day of your life, and let nothing bring it down?

We encourage you this summer to practice weaving together an appreciation for the process and keeping results in sight on your journey of wellness:

  • Celebrate small victories.

  • Adapt processes as you change.

  • When you hit a roadblock, pause to reassess.

  • Stay in tune with your body – it keeps score.

Mostly, we want you to remember that a destination, “arrival,” is not a place where you reach perfection.

On each individual journey, there are many destinations, each of which commences a new leg of the journey – a new trail with its own lessons, struggles, and unexpected beauty. As we mature past our fears, past our striving for perfection, we can be encouraged that mistakes can be followed up with the entrepreneurial maturity to keep going, knowing that we did the best we could at the time. Simply measure your steps according to your unique sense of internal balance and you are certain to keep moving forward.


Better together starts with you.™

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