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Do you start the week off focused and motivated, but end it frazzled and discouraged?

Paying attention to your energy levels during the week - as opposed to just the task list in front of you - is key to sustaining motivation and capacity.*

Mondays are perfect for organizing, short-term project planning or catching up on news and updates related to your field. Ease into the week after the weekend. Don't go full force ahead, or you may lose steam mid-week.

I bookend my week (Mondays and Fridays) by taking care of admin and finance tasks. When they arise at other times during the week, unless urgent, I set them aside so that they don't divert energy from the more “high demand” tasks requiring my attention.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays tend to be peak productivity days. (Ever notice how your inbox explodes on Tuesday once everyone finally wakes up from the weekend?) Write proposals, brainstorm solutions to your business challenges, strategize donor outreach, crank out the e-newsletter. Use these days to hunker down and make the most of your energy to tackle "production."

Thursdays are for connecting. Meet, facilitate, group think, and brainstorm. Take time to relate and connect with others - plan a coffee or lunch date. Confirm appointments for the following week. Connection is key.

Fridays are ideal for long-range planning and relationship-building. Energy inevitably dips and your mind might wander to that weekend getaway you planned months ago. Use the day to tie up loose ends and process receipts, invoices or deposits. At the end of the day, update your task list, jotting down priorities for the following week, so that on Monday, you can start the week one step ahead!

In workflow planning, paying attention to your unique rhythms is key. If you like to jump start the week by catching up on emails Sunday evening, then do it! Just be conscious of your energy reserve and how to sustain it all week long to avoid burning out mid-week.

If you feel trapped by your schedule and see no way out, we can help you think through and implement a way to organize your days so that you can live life well.


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