Let’s Get You Organized


Organizing can give you a fresh start, any time of year.

How we work together looks unique for each client, though a general outline of the process is below.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Step One - Email Me

Send a request, which will come directly to my inbox for review. You might find a need for organizing if:

  • You are preparing to move

  • Your office leaves a lot to be desired

  • You are excited for a new season of the year

  • You just read Marie Kondo’s book and aren’t sure where to start

  • You lost a loved one and aren’t sure how to go through all the possessions

Step Two - Phone Chat and Site Visit

I will schedule a brief phone call and free on-site visit to assess your needs. I want to hear about how you live or work in your space, what your challenges and hopes are for it, and how you prefer that the work be completed. We can work by space or by type of item (see below for examples). I can work alone on your space, setting aside items I think you might want to donate or discard, or we can work together.


  • Office

  • Closets

  • Cabinets

  • Junk drawers

  • Garage or Basement


  • Files

  • Books

  • Clothing

  • Baby items

  • A late loved one’s possessions

Once we determine these factors, I can provide pricing and we can discuss a schedule for the work. Projects typically are priced at a flat rate between $150-500, though I can work within any budget and also provide hourly services.

Step Three - The Organizing Begins

Our project might entail a half day, whole day, or multiple days. This is the fun part, as we work toward your end goal!

Step Four - Your Happy Ending

Once the organizing is complete, we can discuss how you wish to to maintain an organized space. Perhaps you desire monthly or quarterly touch bases to keep your space organized, in which case we can discuss ongoing support.

I hope we stay in touch!

Bedroom Closet Before

Bedroom Closet Before

Bedroom Closet After

Bedroom Closet After

Linen Closet Before

Linen Closet Before

Linen Closet After

Linen Closet After